Questions regarding MCDP: Enterprise Application Developer 3.5

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Hi all,

I'm interested in taking the "MCDP: Enterprise Application Developer 3.5", I'll start with the courses (since I suck at self-study icon_redface.gif) and then the exams later on, but I have some questions so I hope you can help me.

I'm a junior developer, I mainly use VB.NET and SQL Server 2005 but I also know my way around C# -to some extent-. So far I only code windows applications, so I have no experience in web development.

My questions are:

1) Must I take/finish the MCPD: EAD 2.0 before I can start the MCPD: EAD 3.5?

2) Someone told me that MCPD 3.5 in general ONLY covers the new additions from 2.0~3.5, in other words, does MCPD 3.5 completes MCPD 2.0 or replaces it completely?

3) When I was asking about (70-562) ASP.NET Application Development 3.5 (which is a part of MCPD: EAD 3.5 of course) I was told that if I never used ASP.NET before then I must take the "MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications" first, is that true?

Well, that's it, thanks in advance guys :)



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