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I downloaded the 6.95 edition of the technotes 2 days ago and have been studying from a Sybex book for a week or so .... I just took the online 60 question test with a result of 90 % .... I still have not memorized the ports and some of the ip class ranges which were related to just about everything I got wrong ...

How is the difficulty level of this online practice exam compared to the Net+ exam ? ... anybody done both recently and have any feedback.

I am a Network Analyst with 7 years professional experience ... A+ and CNA 5

Thanks for all the help I have recieved from this site so far !!!



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    Some of our questions are more difficult, some more easy. The actual exam questions are sometimes a bit longer, including a scenario and network diagram for example. Nevertheless, if you know all the material in our TechNotes and score well on the practice exams in it, you will pass the Network+ exam as well. The TechNotes cover all the exam objectives. Although they will throw a couple of weird questions towards you in the exam, there isn't much else to ask about.

    As I mentioned several times before, the TechNotes should be used to compliment a book or CBT, not to replace your primary study source. (Although it is hard to fail the exam if you read only the TechNotes...)
    Topics that you should do additional reading on is Token Ring hardware setup and DSL...

    I hope this helps, but there are several post in this forum about other people's experience with our TechNotes, practice questions, and the actual exam.
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    I took and passed several weeks back and it really was not that hard. You should start with ports if you know that is a weakness. The exam will have a bunch of questions on ports such as:

    You blocked ports 100-200. What services are effected?
    ( I just made this one up but they have similar ones)

    I had a bunch on DHCP and DNS a few Appletalk and IPX/SPX. Commands such as NBTSTAT and others play a big role.They also stressed the cables 10BaseT, 10Base2 etc. You should know your 802.xs as well.The tech notes on this site are a great out line of what you need to know.
    Use them and take as many on-line tests as you can, you
    should be fine.
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    jmerljmerl Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the input ... I am using the technotes in combination with a book ... I have some other practice exams I have taken that seem to throw more oddball questions in and I guess that is why I asked.

    I am pretty confident now so another week of study and I will take it. CCNA is next so I'll be digging through all those posts as well. This is a great resourse and is appreciated ... Thanks
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