Just passed exam!

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Hi new posting here. I just passed my A+ cert It tech exam. 725 essentials 780 it exam. I used the Exam Cram book and micheal meyers latest edition. I also took a three month prep course. It felt exhilarating when I clicked that finished tab to produce my my pass or fail rating. Prometric staff laughed when he saw my hands go up in my chair guess he could see my screen as well. lol! Next up is NetPlus any suggestions on getting ready for that exam?icon_cheers.gif


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    1. visit the Net+ forum below the A+ one ;)
    2. Download the objectives
    3. Download the PDF TechNotes
    4. Have some experience
    5. Couple books, still I'd recommend Meyers and Sybex for Net+ and A+, they are the best two on the market.
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    Good job.
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