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How does this exam compare with say the Cisco exams or the Microsoft exams.....or other comptia exams like the network+ ?? Is this exam worth it? I was thinking of using it as a middle ground right now while I decide If I'm going to continue with the ccna security or go the mcsa route for a bit. I can use it either way. Just wondering how hard it is and if its worth the time?


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    In my opinion the Security+ exam is a waste of time. Note that I have only taken the SY0-101 edition. It only provides a high level overview of topics and has poorly worded questions that test your ability to understand what they are asking more than your technical knowledge.

    The only way I would recommend it is if you needed it for your current or prospective employment such as I did.

    Much more exciting and worthwhile in my opinion is the CCNA Security. Though it is obviously Cisco biased, a lot of the information are general security concepts that apply anywhere. And when you finish with your CCNA security, you will actually be able to do things like set up zone-based firewalls, vpn's, port-security, etc.

    As far as difficulty, the hardest part is forcing yourself to study for the Security+ in my opinion. I personally found the information uninteresting. It isn't as hard as a Cisco exam, not sure about Microsoft exams.

    Hope this helps.
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    Just passed Sec+ a few weeks ago.

    I can recommend it for an overall knowledge of network and computer security, but I seem to have become somewhat of a CompTIAphile.

    Sec+ is very broad in scope and not exceptionally deep--not much on configuring security devices, etc. But, you need to know the secure protocols, types of encryption--a must.
    I recommend skimming through a text, read the Technotes here on TechExams, take one of the practice exams too. That will let you know more than I can tell you.

    Good luck on your decision!
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    Thanks guys.... do you find much of the material overlapping? I had planned to do the ccna:security next but might skip the sec+.
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    CompTIA is a good beginning point. But only if you do it because you need to learn the material that is in the exam. If you already know it then I would agree with Ryan82, move on to deeper, Cisco or MCSA:S.
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    It gives you a good base of knowledge and makes it so you can understand the security linguo a little better. The newer exam has better worded questions than the 201. The cert itself has not helped me in any way yet, but the knowledge definitely has.. I find myself using what I learned in Sec+ all the time like in school or on my own pc or whatever.

    I recommend it because it will help you later on esp when you decide to tackle a real security certification.. it's just going to make it that much less painful studying for.
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  • TravR1TravR1 Member Posts: 332

    I would say it's a little more difficult than Network+ just because of all the extra acronyms, encryption, and various intrusion detection systems I found ruff studying for. If you are prepared for it, the test wont be difficult at all. I scored a 830 or something like that.
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    I think Security+ is worth having. It is a entry-level cert, but it can be used as an elective for the MCSA: Security.
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    This is the basic level exam. This will enable you to plan for CISA,CISM or CISSP.
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