HELP! 2 of 3 Cisco Aironet 1310's working...

vdublifevdublife Member Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□

Newbie here, I desperately need some help here.

There are two existing Cisco Aironet 1300's onsite that I have reset (I didn't know the logins) and 1 was configured as root bridge and the other was non-root bridge. Those two are working fine without issues...
I had since installed a 3rd Cisco Aironet 1300 series indoor/outdoor. I have configured with the same exact settings as the other working non-root and it cannot associate ("... cannot associate: no response"). Mind you its the same exact settings (with the exception of IP and Hostname), did the same steps and everything.

There is a discrepancy with the versions tho'. The newer device for some reason has a lower number version than the two existing devices.

FYI the two existing AP's were already installed and/or aimed, the distance between the two are about 1 city block, the newer AP is also 1 city block away, but its 100 yards away from the existing non-root.

Please please help! I need to get the new AP working as there are already PC's there and people waiting to work..
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