Anyone know/heard about HDA certs?

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Are Help Desk certs any good/worth going for?


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    If you're interested in excelling in helpdesk, maybe it's good for you. If you want, check out the MCDST. It's like help desk for Windows XP. I've never heard of the HDI certs.
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    I have a bit to report on concerning the Help Desk Institute exams.

    The people I work for now require all employees in Suport Sevices, Techs and Help Desk phone people, to be A+, MCDST, and HDA/CSS certified. They are sending us all to a 3-day boot camp for these HDI exams/certs. There are 3 different certs,
    Help Desk Analyst (HDA)
    Customer Service Specialist (CSS)
    and, Help Desk Manager (HDM).

    I passed HDA and CSS today(almost the exact same material). Everything was done at Signal Learning Center in Indianapolis, and this is a Prometric exam center. I had a very positive experience--no problems. It's the first Prometric exam I've ever taken.

    These exams are not at all technical in nature. They have to do with, as much as anything, creating and maintaining customer satisfaction by properly handling situations reported by system users. And, also very importantly, the documentation of solutions and development of knowledge sources from this documentation.

    Well, thought I would pass this on. I'm getting back to MCDST(company's paying for this one too). Then, maybe I can get back to my MCSA studies!
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    pulling a thread from the grave here.

    Our company made us take this HDA stuff too. They paid. Our training was from the HDA people...web based. Hmm...let me put this in a way us "geeky" people are used to:


    Our desk is over 200 strong. Most people I've talked to came out of the test wondering if we had the correct training material. I passed...but still. If I had paid for the training - I would demand to have my money back

    I'm not sure if this Cert is worth anything...but if anyone decides to pursue it...don't get the training materials from HDA.
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