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Question #1
My book says that as little as 80 volts can harm an IC.
All the practice tests I've seen say it should be 30 volts.

Question #2
My book says that a human can not feel a static transfer less than 3000 volts.
The practice tests seem to vary on the correct answer. Some have been as low as 200 volts.

Question #3
It is my understanding that the IEEE 1284 ECP (enhanced capabilities port) is Bi-directional, can use DMA, can use data compression, and was developed to speed up printing. Can this cable be used for a laplink cable and any other bi-directional process that needs to be performed?

What would be the correct answers as far as Comptia is concerned.
I am consistently scoring high 90's to 100% on all the practice tests but it is unsettling that these free practice tests vary in there answers. You would think if someone took the time to put them on the internet they would take the time to proof the answers. I take the hardware test tommorrow so wish me luck.

Also, could anyone suggest other websites besides this one (which is the best i have found) with good practice tests. Thanks for your help.


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    Honestly I wouldn't know about the voltages, hopefully someone else here can help you with that.

    I'm not 100% sure about the ECP question either, but my guess would be: Yes, depending on the cable...

    Check out this page for more info: www.lvr.com/parport.htm#Cables

    And go here: www.techexams.net/colinks.shtml for a list of good practice exams.

    Good luck on your exam tomorrow!

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    Thanks for the quick response and the links. I'm feeling pretty good about the test (I've had to put duct tape around my head to keep it from exploding from all the information) but it seems a lot of practice tests I have looked at have questions that are not answered by the book I got in class. I have read this book front to back twice so I am pretty sure of the content that is covered in the book. I can answer many of the questions based on past experience but you have to wonder if anything is missing. An example of one of these questions would be the differences between Write-back and Write-through cache. I know the difference based on past experience and research but again you have to wonder where they got that question from and should be covered in the A+ study guide. The book I have has a very basic explination of what cache is and what it does and does not cover the different technologies used for cache.
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    always refer back to the comptia objectives.

    i have found that some sites seem to ask questions on things not covered by the objectives, or ask about topics in greater depth than necessary. examnotes and cert21 are guilty of this, but at the same time, knowing things in greater depth isn't a bad thing either ;)
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