2nd Interview Down

BigToneBigTone Member Posts: 283
So I had a second interview with a company in downtown chicago. First time was HR and this time was the system admin and IT manager who are offsite. Asked me a few technical questions, most which I think I did pretty well at, except when he asked the three different types of connections to a san and I was only able to say iSCSI. Told them I honestly didn't know the rest.

They're a basically completely virtualized company with like 6 physical servers and a ton of virtual machines. It was pretty funny because everytime he said, "How do you do X in your company" and I gave them an answer they almost laughed. Not from my answer but from the way my company chooses to go about things. Also asked about Vista and asked if I had used Windows 7 yet. I had mentioned I hadn't. I'm not sure if they were surprised or not, I used that opportunity to sort of chat aout how I've heard its a great way to go, etc. Needless to say after the interview I downloaded W7 and I'm gonna find a box to put it on. I didn't realize companies were going to be looking for vista admins already, but if this company uses it (which I'm not sure if they do or not.. I know I should have asked) I better start learning.

He asked what I thought about working for them since they did things completely different and I made sure I was super enthusiastic about it and I would love to be in a company where their infrastructure is sound and up to date (which from the interview I know they knew ours wasn't) but I can only do so much as the helpdesk guy at my current place right?

So, I'm going to write a good follow up letter and get it to the HR guy so he can get it to the IT guys and hopefully I'll have a chance. Sounds like such a great opportunity working with SANS, virtual servers, vmware, etc.


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