Storage area network certification. Anyone hear of it?

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here's a cert that's not very common, but in a way - it can further a lot of the more common certs out there and might be one of the major certs to get later on.... well, if it sparks your interest that is.

EMC storage certification

I'm sure storage area networking specialists can make some good money. I haven't the slightest idea how much though. :D



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    I am sub contracted to work on EMC equipment. I do get payed quite abit because I am 24/7 4 hour response. Plus I get some other nice benefits. I will be getting certified as a EMC proven professional farely soon. If you have questions about this you can direct them towards me, I would be glad to help.
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    Thanks for the help and insight!

    I've been a wintel guy for some years and all have been with small companies that do not have the financials to implement a SAN.

    I hope to one day work in a large enterprise which will most likely require some SAN background.

    How did you get your start working with EMC?

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    xevious wrote:
    How did you get your start working with EMC?

    I was lucky actually.
    The company that employs me is contracted by the US Govt. So we have cleared bodies. EMC doesn't. So I was graced with the opportunity to work with the equipment on a sub contract. EMC is very protective over their equipment so they pay for all my training and they give me free study materials.

    It is hard to get a chance to work on the newer EMC equipment but if you can persuade the people you work for to use an older solution it would be a great start to getting experience in a san/nas environment. I know of a bunch of companies that do use the older solutions and they recieved very fair prices. So it might be worth looking into. I can ask some of the guys at EMC if they know the price ranges of the older equipment if you want.

    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
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    Just got my issue of MCP magazine: salary survey issue.

    The top 4 money making (non-Microsoft) certs are:

    CCIE: $112k
    Brocade: ~$95K
    EMC: ~$92K
    CISSP: ~$88k

    I didn't know Brocade had a cert... wow.

    No need checking on an EMC discounted quote since I know 110% the company I'm with can't and won't justify spending anything on a SAN. Thanks anyways.
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    I am Naveen. I wanted to certification on Storage Area Network. Can any one suggest me what books should I go through?
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    I would start with something published more recently than 9 years ago.
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    We had some EMC guys come help us setup our SAN. According to them they got paid very well
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    Claymoore wrote: »
    I would start with something published more recently than 9 years ago.

    This made me laugh out loud when I read it.

    Generally yes, storage networking guys get paid extremely well. Especially the ones that set up FCOE and FCIP routing.
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