BCMSN Lab Recommendations?

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Ok So I failed the BCMSN exam again for the third time (722, 655, 68icon_cool.gif The first two times I thought I did good on the labs but today it gave me some problems. Can anyone recommend some study materials that may have lab sims, or that might give me a lab to follow on Dynamips?


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    I here good things about the BCMSN lab guide. I used the labs from the official course and I believe they are similar if not the same.

    You might want to get some real gear to practice on for this one. Dynamips just doesn't cut it for this exam.
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    If you've been through both the Cisco Press BCMSN Self-Study Guide and Cisco Press BCMSN Exam Certification Guide, it may be time for The Bryant Advantage -- along with the Lab Portfolio and some long hours on real hardware. Remember that rack rental is always an option.

    What study materials have you used so far? And what have you been using for a lab? Any CBT Nuggets or TrainSignal Videos?
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  • michael_knightmichael_knight Member Posts: 136
    I used the Cisco CCNP BCMSN Learning Guide that I got from a Bootcamp class I took. I also used the prep test that goes along with it, as well as the Cisco CCNP Quick reference guide. I don't have any cisco gear at home and at my new job I don't work with it as much so that's a hinderence right there but I did labs at the school I went to. I also used the Nugget video and I'm going to watch the Cisco videos this week. What gear would I need to do the labs in the bcmsn lab guide?
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