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I'm wondering if anyone knows how they are graded. Lets say you can accomplish the same thing with an access list and a prefix list, or maybe just two different ways of using access lists, would you get the question wrong if you didn't do it exactly like they had in mind? It's something i've been pondering as I've been reading the chapters on redistribution, route filtering, and route maps in Doyle. In his case studies he'll show different ways of doing the same thing, with different trade-offs, and I'm wondering how this should be approached on the exam itself so that you actually get marks for your answer. At the CCNA level things were so basic that this wasn't really an issue, but the added complexity introduced in the ccnp now means there are different ways of doing the same thing.


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    jrs91 wrote: »
    there are different ways of doing the same thing.
    You might have to worry about that for a CCIE Lab exam -- but it shouldn't be an issue on any of the professional level exams.

    The closest I ever came to that on a Professional level exam was the "popular way" to implement a SIM requirement wasn't available -- so I used the "other way" to do it.
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