Help with ISA 2006 SMTP Rules

Hi guys, not sure if i posted the original post in the right place so i have copied to here as well. Can someone please read through my setup and see if i have missed anything, i am replacing an old 2000 isa server with a new 2006 isa server and all the rules have been created but i need clarification on the SMTP rules, i cant test anything until Saturday!! Last weekend we had no mail going out, but had mail comming in. I have made a DNS rule as well from reading in a book, but i am not sure if it`s needed. Below are the rules.

Publishing Rule:
Action: Allow
Traffic: SMTP Server
From: Anywhere
To: This is the IP Address of our Mail Server
Networks: External (this is the external ip address of our ISA)

Access Rule:
Action: Allow
Traffic: SMTP
From: name of our Mail Server
To: External

DNS Access Rule
Action: Allow
Protocols: DNS
From: Names of our 2 internal DNS Servers
To: Local Host

Any help on this would be great guys.


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