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My primary responsibilty at work involves SQL, so my first idea for certification was MCDBA. After looking over the material I felt I needed some exposure to Server 2000. So I decided to get the MCSA certification and then go the MCDBA route. I figured I can take the 70-228 test as an elective for MCSA and then take 2 more tests for MCDBA.

Am I thinking anywhere even close to logically or am I way out in right field. Opinions Please...


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    Sounds logical to me, and yes you are correct, that route would work.
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    Funny. You're in the same situation as me and are following the exact same route that I am and hence, without a shadow of a doubt, that is thinking logically :)

    My reasons being, I have a bad habit of tinkering with the main (Win2K) server in the office. Not so fun doing that with SQL Server or any of the data that resides on there and then having negative sales margins/reports for the month a.k.a mad boss. So, I figured going for my MCSA would be appropriate. Most of my SQL work is handled by me and my good buddy, Access so I'm not leaning towards an MCDBA ... as yet. Perhaps sometime in the future ... perhaps when YUKON's out ...
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