Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

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Boss is gone today and tomorrow, so good time to crack open the Security+ book and get some studying done, take notes, etc.

On DAC, says allows ownership of a resource to establish privileges to the information they own.

So if there is a file on PC-A that PC-B needs, and PC-B sets the share, is that an example of DAC? Just trying to get this straight in my noggin.


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    PC-A is the owner of the file therefore PC-B couldn't set the share.. PC-A would have to share it and set permissions.. Think Windows XP Users... PC-A is the "Administrator Account" and has full rights, PC-B is a "limited user account" and has access to only what PC-A allows it to see.
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    My typo on that, meant A set the share.
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    You got it then... I am prepping for the exam too.. Actually cramming.. I will be taking it tommorrow. The thing I notice on the practice xams I have been taking is the wording of the questions... Read them all 2 times before you answer.
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