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Hi Guys

Taking the test in a few weeks or so...

I know my Topologies, Token Ring, OSI 7 layers – what connects where etc. Utilities for troubleshooting like ping, arp and their swithes etc, all my 10base2, 100basetx etc am up to speed with these, my protocols, T/S steps, subnetting, WAN speeds, backups etc…..I have only looked over Net O/S stuff, do you think I should know more?...I have been doing the sybex practice tests as I have that book to study from and usually get over 90% on all the sections…if anyone has some more feedback for me like I should know other things, that would be great…


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    That's good you know your protocols and switches. I recommend studying port numbers, Netbios, Wins, DNS, Lmhosts File, Hosts File, and Looking over DHCP in depth. Know your Tcp/ip Classes as well. Good luck!
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