Value of CWNP Certs (CWNA/CWSP)

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So, I have been looking at my cert path, and I decided it is time to go and grab my networking certs. As such I am currently studying Juniper routing, and I will be adding Cisco as well. But the question is... what do people think of these CWNP certs? Are they known well enough to be of value? I admit, I had heard of nothing much on thses. I have however been running wireless networks for nearly a decade, and 802.11 for probably 8 years. So, I really wouldn't expect these to be that hard to pull off.

But for someone with exp. are these honestly worth grabbing? Honestly wondering.
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    Well, I suppose you need to determine what "worth" means to you. For someone who is looking for a job, certs that appear frequently in job postings on Dice, Monster, etc. are worth getting because they are in demand by employers. For people are needing to study a certain aspect of wireless, such as security or protocol analysis, the certs are worth perusing because of the lack of (affordable) college-level courses available for such specialized topics. For people looking for something new and interesting to get into, certs offer a way to start a new hobby or a new direction for their career.

    So, if you are into improving either your resume or your personal knowledge about 802.11 then the CWNP certs are clearly worth it.
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