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My question is for anyone how could tell me how a much a A+ tech makes. I looked at all the salary guides and I think it is just to broad. I mean I need to hear from the horses mouth how much techs make. I have a degree in management of Information Systems, I will soon take my A+ certification, and I just wanted to know what type of salary should I be looking at in a entry level position with no from St. louis, Mo.


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    Check your local papers dood. I hear of MCSE in the $10/12 per hour range in many areas icon_confused.gif
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    Idog it is hard to land a job right now. Do some research and see what companies are in fact looking for to hire. Also don't try to reach so high with salary. Your main objective is getting your foot first through the door. Then you go forward from that very point
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    A lot depends on where you work. I started 8 years ago where I am at a little over $10 an hour. Now up to $16 an hour. However I contract out to a company some on nights and weekends and they pay $65 a call.
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    Try getting a job with the University of Missouri. In Columbia, you will start around $34K+ a year; it should be more lucrative in St. Louis/Kansas City.
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    got ot they have a salary estimation
    it depends on where you live and they have that
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    I live in Oklahoma which isn't known for high salaries and was making 16/hr before the econ crash and now 13. I have some college hours but don't have a degree or any certs. Your MIS degree is worth more than the A+, but the more you have to put on your resume, the better.
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    the best way to find out salaries and employment requirements is to check out the adverts for positions in your local papers. i am aware than not all companies would advertise for positions, but it's, imo, the best way to find out what's expected.

    in my region they want mcse and/or ccna with experience of exchange and sql, and normally a degree too. i'm thinking of trying my hand at databases.
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    The thing about looking in the paper is that most jobs do not put the salary in their advertisement
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    RussS wrote:
    Check your local papers dood. I hear of MCSE in the $10/12 per hour range in many areas icon_confused.gif

    holy cow.. that's it? I thought it'd be much higher given the amount of studying and exams you have to take to get that cert.
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    I agree I thought salary will be much higher than 10/hr to 12/hr.
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