Passed Today

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Passed the exam today with a 806. To tell you the truth I didn't know if I passed or failed when I clicked the end button. I kept thinking just a 646, just a 646. Oh well. Felt like some of the questions didn't have enough info and others had too much. Would definitely study up on DSL.

Wanna say thanks to Johan for the TechNotes. I used them along with the AIO and know my score would have been lower without them.



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    TeKniquesTeKniques Member Posts: 1,262 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Congrats on the pass :D
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    Congrats on becoming Network+ certified!

    That's a good score.
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    allisterallister Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    hey i am gonna right my exam in a week can you perhaps help me with those notees that you got pleaz would really appreciate it
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    Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    alistar wrote:
    perhaps help me with those notees ....

    You can find the Technotes here .
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    allisterallister Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    got it
    thanks a mil
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    GoodhopeGoodhope Member Posts: 78 ■■□□□□□□□□
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    GhentGhent Member Posts: 310
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