Passed 201

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I think it was an 850 or so. 4 questions on Stenography?!?!?! sooo stupid....

I got it because many federal IT jobs require it and I can use it as an elective for my MCSE which I only need two more tests on. I crammed for about a week. I used my experience with the 70-298 MS (security design) exam, experience in IT, MeasureUp and Exam Cram Sec+ volume 2. Exam Cram was very helpful in brushing up on subjects that I needed to work on which I was able to identify with the MeasureUp practice exams, but I think there were some things not covered well in the book. Measureup was good and the practice tests on this site helped too, especially the port exam. I suggest you take that test until you get a 100% multiple times. Besides, it's good to know the ports back and front too so you can impress your IT friends icon_smile.gif
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