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Someone changed some security settings that was running our exchange server and we ran into some issues with OWA giving us a 404 error or something i tried reversing these and in the process changed some OWA virtual directory/CS role settings.

The problem is when i choose the use form-based authentication option now i get a 404 error. However if I used windows authentication I do not get the login screen for OWA just a box asking for username/password which works if i put it in correctly. Not sure what the best thing to do at this point, I think would be best to just recreate the OWA virtual directory?

We are using Exch2k7.




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    I don't know the steps off-hand, but I think you can just use the powershell cmdlets to remove the old OWA virtual directory settings and recreate them, and it will set them up correctly
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    I just wrote this just now but haven't tested it. It should work though.

    Get-OwaVirtualDirectory -server serverhere | foreach-object { Remove-OWAVirtualDirectory | New-OWAVirtualDirectory -server serverhere -OwaVersion $_.Owaversion -Name $_.owaversion }

    I would test it in a lab before you run it. Set something incorrectly on each of the OWA Virtual Directores and then run the above to see if they are re-created successfully. Otherwise, you can just do each manually by reading something such as the following:
    How To: Recreate OWA Virtual Directory – Exchange 2007 Exchange Server Share
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