What do you use for backup?

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Hi all,

After many years of faultless performance, I want to retire my old Iomega tape drive icon_sad.gif that I use for backing up my home PC's with something a bit more state of the art.

Id like a set up where I can do a "one click" backup of my hard drive, just click and walk away. Id also like some more elaborate options to backup/restore individual files/folders, add a schedule etc.

Ive looked through the catalogs and the web and found a few things but does anybody have any recommendations for good backup hardware and software? Backup is really important to me, so I dont care too much about the $'s (within reason of course icon_eek.gif ).


  • Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    Maxtor has a one-button backup drive. I think it's around 180gb.
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    Thanks Rick.

    I think I'll probably go for something like the 250GB, 8M, 7200rpm, USB2/Firewire unit. At 300 bucks (on Amazon) its close to a GB per $ which is a pretty cheap GB/$ ratio.

    I'll do a little more digging around but your dead right, they do some really neat stuff.
  • Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    Right now, I'm looking to back up too. I just need to drink less, and save more. I'm running a Raid 0, with is nice and fast, but with no redundency, it's a chance I'm taking. So far, no problems, but I'll probably use a set of drives to mirror the array eventually.
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    I was using a DDS3 but after it died I decided to use a spare external SCSI box I have - there are 6 18Gb drives and I just back up to them. Taking a chance that some sort of power surge could beat the UPS but what the heck - I had the gear sitting around.
    A friend of mine has a script running that does a ghost job and backs up to a 'ghost server' on his home network. Both his and his wifes laptops and the kids machines all run this daily and the 'server is really just a repository for the ghost images. As they are all basically 'stand alone' machines I thought this to be a cool and unusual method.
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    I use a 512 Usb drive for my network tools. Its bootable too but thats another forum.
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    I recently replaced the dds3 drive that failed on my NT server with a dds4 HP drive to keep compatibility with ntbackup and the batch files I've created to do "one-click" or scheduled task backup. These took a little time to put together (make sure syntax and switches are all right), but work like a charm. If you're network isn't too large, simpler can sometimes work just fine.
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