Passed A+ Core tgis morning

mech1963mech1963 Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
Thanks for all the help and the Tech Notes. I passed with a 974 this morning. I think I missed one question on the 2.1 Objective. I guess I have been working on computers for so long that I have my own way of doing things regardless of what the book says, it's hard to break old habits. This is the first adaptive test I have ever taken and it's a shame that the test will not let you reach your full potential. It's strange to me that 3 people can answer the same number of questions correctly but get totally different scores. It seemed like the test took less than ten minutes before it cut me off but my heart slowed down once I saw the screen saying I had passed. My heart was beating so hard I could feel it thumping in my chest while I was taking the test. You would think after going to college I would be comfortable with taking tests but I still seem to get nervous. I think I will try to schedule the OS test next week.
One other thing, if you are using the A+ Complete Study Guide by SYBEX I would suggest that you get your Network and Cabling information from another source. After what I saw on the test I think this book is incomplete in these areas. I'm glad I studied other reference material outside of the book. Anyhow thanks again.


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