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Hi guys -

So my company is FINALLY looking to hire 1-2 more people. (... since we've been working 45-55hr weeks lately with no end in sight... ) With that said, I've been here for 1.5 years and love almost every minute of it. The benefits are very good, the people are here for life (most of the voice guys have been here for 20 years), and it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere. I will say, the pay isn't great BUT the exposure to any and every kind of equipment is. I can work on a 6500 in the morning, a *nix box over lunch, and a Windows 2003 SBS server in the afternoon, all while fielding emails/calls from remote users for help with their Blackberry's and misc AD stuff.

Some after-hours is expected, but pretty flexible on getting in the next morning.

It seems like there are a lot of neat people on this forum that have some people skills. Consulting at our firm is 40% people skills 60% technical. If you don't like working with end users you will not enjoy it here. We work on enterprise projects, healthcare, and a few random mom and pop shops.

Here's the somewhat official pre-release job statement:

Provide technical network services and delivery support, on the successful implementation of assigned telecommunications projects.


1. Aid in the delivery of telecommunications project goals on time, within budget at the high quality expected to meet or exceed client expectations.
2. Provide end user help desk support on-site and remotely.
3. Aid in the design, deployment and support of Windows Active Directory, Exchange 2003 & 2007, Centralized Anti-Virus, WSUS and other desktop and server management systems.
4. Configure, test & debug voice and data communications equipment, generally in accordance established parameters.
5. Prepare selected parts of proposals and analysis, recommending configurations and network design. Conduct on site evaluations.
6. Support more senior personnel on more strategic accounts or complex network installations.
7. As a project team member, assist in systems design, baseline development, and server and network/component configurations.
8. Must possess ability to work independently and interpret/apply standard operating procedures, protocols, theories and concepts to project goals and directives.
9. In accordance with procedures, maintain records and perform associated administrative tasks such as timesheets, status reports, and expense reports.
10. Expected billable utilization on projects is 80%.

Manage/influence of people:
Most internal and client contact limited to gathering and disseminating information.
May direct work of clerical or other entry level consultants.

Participation in decision making:
Expected to make suggestions on workflow of team.
Works under standard guidelines and under close supervision.

Problem solving complexity:
Problems are usually well defined and routine, but may encounter multiple problems at one time. May have to diagnose problems.
Guidance is readily available.

Required Skills:
Must possess above average analytical and communication skills.

Working Knowledge of the following:
• Desktop Operating Systems (Windows XP, Vista, Linux)
• Server Operating Systems (Windows Server 2003, 2008, Exchange 2003 & 2007, Linux)
• Local Area Network Topologies (10/100/1000 M Ethernet, VLAN’s, VPN’s)
• Wide Area Network Technologies
• Network Protocols (IP)
• Internet/Intranet
• Network Management

Required Education & Experience:
Typically 2-4 year’s technical experience. B.S. or B.A. in Computer Science, Engineering and Business or comparable experience. The following certifications are preferred, but not required: Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Design Associate, Cisco Certified Network Associate.

This description is not a complete statement of the position, but rather a guide to the general work to be performed.

If you're reading this down here - good. This job is going to be starting as mostly helpdesk work with more client interaction as you prove yourself. Your main job to start will be fielding helpdesk type stuff so that myself and other are free'd up for more enterprise projects. Don't apply if you're expecting to make big money (or firm is somewhat cheap) or if you don't do "Desktop stuff". There are no lines drawn at our organization, like I said before I can do router setup, datacenter buildouts, HVAC ordering, desktop support, server setup, all in the same day and have resources to help if anything pops up I can't figure out. If you're smart and like to figure stuff out - lets meet. None of the requirements are set in stone, but you do have to WANT to learn (and know some of them)

It'd be helpful if you had access to a car - but - not necessary at all as many of our clients are in the loop.

Let me know if you have any questions, we're going to open this position up in the next few days to all the job boards.


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    You've got some mail from someone looking to get back into the city before the first big snow storm of 2009.
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    I've really found that in the last 10 years, I really like the face-to-face interaction with the client.
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    I've really found that in the last 10 years, I really like the face-to-face interaction with the client.

    Yeah me too. Although I've been documenting EVERYTHING at all our clients so we can solve most problems over the phone if it's an emergency. Many times they'll ask us just to come on site anyway. I don't usually mind - some fresh air and a relaxing cab ride are nice to break up the monotony of the day!
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    I am interested.
    Please let me know how I can apply for the job or send you my resume.

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    Thanks to those of you that have come in so far - thank you.

    One time to the top. Found out from HR we're looking for 2 so...
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