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I plan to achieve the LPIC-1 certification. I made a research about taking 101 and 102 simultaneously but didn't find such opportunity.
Is it possible to take the both exams as one?

Also is the LPI Linux Certification Study Guide 2nd edition by Sybex a good study material? I know that LPI has changed the program some months ago. The book seems to cover all the exams topic, but I don't know if it fully correspond to the new program.
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    Sorry I cannot answer your question on doing both simultaneously.

    I just finished my 101 last week.
    I used O'reilly's Linux Certification in a Nutshell.

    I only studied the 101 part of the book and in the exam I got one too many question which I never came across in the book.

    Now I started studying the 102 part and already I see that number of questions I couldnt answer are in the 102 part. So I think it is a very good idea to study for both.

    I have done a small review here: LPI Linux certification - A beginners' review - Maduranga's posterous

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    Congradulations on passing the 101 test m26k9 and good luck on the 102 icon_cheers.gif
    The reason why some questions appeared on the test that you never studied for while using the guides that you mentioned on your blog is that those guides need to update to the new objectives for all LPIC exams that went in effect April this year. Most of the changes in the objectives seem to be a shuffle between exams, some objectives got transfered from 101 to 102 some went oposite direction.
    If you can, please share some details about the test, like when do you know if you passed or not, how complex do the questions seemed to be, were there questions that you thought were unecessarily complex or with a convoluted language so that the real question is hidden or were questions straight-forward. How much do you think questions look like they came up straight from the man pages?
    And to answer Sett's question, LPIC doesn't follow the Red Hat format so you have to take exams separately. In addition, once you pass 101 and 102 you can go for Ubuntu i.e. focus on a specific distro or you can continue in distro-agnostic line of certs and go for the 2nd and 3rd tier...
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    Thank you very much for that Varelg.
    I was studying the book and never really paid any attention to the exam objectives. Now I am worried if they add in any more new parts.

    About the exam, apart from the unexpected (unknown) questions I got which I wrote in the blog;
    1) you will know if you are passed or not right away
    2) I think questions were pretty straight forward. There were no questions that were unnecessarily complex and trying to trick you.
    3) The difficulty of the questions were pretty much about the same that of the practice questions I did. Or maybe a tab harder. But not a great deal difficult.

    Good luck with your exams mate.

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