Time to move on....

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I wrote the Network+ this morning and I thought I would post my thoughts on it. Most of the scenario questions were pretty difficult on the exam, the rest were the basic what protocol/port, layer/device and a handful of "what produced this output" stuff.

I had a few questions that seemed to be lacking enough information to come up with a clear answer so took my best shot. Comptia needs a "Let me put it another way" button.

As far as time is concerned, it was enough to finish providing you don't stall out on a single question.

I used this site quite often to prepare, the Practice Exams were excellent so I purchased the TechNotes and used them as a second source. If you can get through the review questions and Bonus Exam in the TechNotes you should be well prepared to write the test.

As far as software goes, I used the Preplogic (it was ok) which came with my text and downloaded CramMaster which was excellent for a preview version.

What else is there to say.... try not to stress out to much the night before, get a good night sleep, take a walk before you write and good luck to you.


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