ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle Stream: Service Operation

eMeSeMeS Member Posts: 1,875
I passed today with 95%.

What can I really say that I haven't said before about the ITIL Intermediate exams?

It was really hard, I second-guessed almost every answer I chose, and I took all but 1 minute of the 1.5 hours allowed to complete the exam. To put this in perspective, the exam is only 8 questions, I have years of exposure to ITIL, have read the core books, and generally know the topic very well. When I hit "submit", I really wasn't certain that I had passed...which is a really unnerving feeling given that I wouldn't know what else I could possibly study if I were to fail.

I struggle to see how people attending (in this case) a 3-day class and taking this exam at the end will have a very high sucess rate. I would estimate in this case not more than 40% would pass the exam.

If you're doing this one, I would highly recommend reading thoroughly the full Service Operation book, and understanding how the processes and functions in Service Operation interact with other parts of the service lifecycle.

4 down, 5 more intermediate exams to go.

Up next, on 8/7 I will take the Service Design exam.



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