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We have a WAP out in the plant here at work.

There is another room where we want wireless access, but also want to be able to plug in pc's via ethernet. I want a device to communicate with the access point, but give me at least one ethernet port that I can plug a switch into. I'm feeling stupid for not knowing how to accomplish this. What would I need and where can I get the hardware? Thanks.


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    You need a Linksys 802.11g router with a 4 port built in switch. You can get them at Best Buy for around $80.00. When you do get it change the security settings like password, dhcp address, stop the SSID broadcast & change the broadcast name, & if you know exactly which computers are accessing it via wireless- introduce MAC filtering.
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    I would think if you got a wireless router / hub to pick up the signal, you could plug whatever you wanted in to that router. I could be wrong though..... icon_scratch.gif
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    the first question is what kind is it that you currently have b/c some wireless products don't work with others well.. manufacturers that is most say they all should work together but all don't how is your setup?

    AccessPoint>WirelessRouter> PC is this what your trying to do? icon_scratch.gif
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    Good point there keenon - I always try to keep the same brand in my wireless nets to help connectivity. Not sure as why this is a problem as they are using the same protocols etc, but have a belief in the some are not quite calibrated to the same frequency.
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