getting backon track soon i hope

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Hello all

I was studying for the MCSE some months ago - quite a few but other things in life have taken over. I had to abandon my studies much to my disdain.

I am from the UK and studied at a rip off company called Smarttrack. Fortunately i only paid for the MCSE - this was two years ago. Since then things such as medical operations and other things in life i wont gointo have prevented me from studying. been doing lots web develpment stuff though purely by chance so I have been learning something practical IT related at least.

I have taken other IT exams but only A+ , Inet+ and another i cant recall all with the help of forums like these. Im hoping to rekindle my studies in next few weeks and hope this forum can help me. I was using a multitdue of study material - I always believe in knowing more than what u wil be asked - thats always got me high marks.

I want to start off with 70-270 although i know its a toughie to pass. Or since ive been out for a while i was thinkign about MCDST 1st. Having said that the questions for 70-270 looked easier. I find the more detailed info i have for a question the more chance i have of a correct answer. I also seem to find complex things easier to do - dunno why. But i accept its hard to pass exam and deserves total respect!!!!

Anticipated thanks
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