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...but passed 290 with a 742? It was kind of a raw deal that worked out. My supervisor had signed me up for company provided microsoft training class a year and a half before I moved over to a network slot. So I get a strange call a couple of weeks ago from our regional manager at 8:30am asking whether or not I was showing up for the 8am microsoft class I had signed up for. Imagine my surprise (three year wait for training??!?!! Are you serious??!?!!). Anyway, I'm not about to pass up a free pass from work so I told him I'd head out right away. Well at the end of the class, the instructor hands out voucher codes for the test. Woo hoo! Voucher comes with the class! That was two weeks ago.

I took a temporary pause in my BCMSN pursuits to hit the MS Press book along with my class materials, the $1 guide from Cram Session and of course, the awesome information on techexams to get the pass. Best advice I can give is work through the exercises and labs in the MS Press book. If you have lab books from a class, work through the labs as well. The MS test way of doing things (more often than not) is not the same as the way you'd do it in production so work through their labs to get an idea of how they want to do it. I almost had an aneurysm working through the sims as every way I'd normally solve the problem was unsupported by the sim (got very intimate with that turn of phrase during the test icon_lol.gif)
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    Yeah i hate those sims, it reallly helps to do them the way they are in the MS press book or else you might find yourself frustrated easily. I have the same situation for training at my job. Two idiots already depleted the training budget for the whole year getting their MCITP:EA, and they still dont know squat. Jokes on them though, they passed with bootcamp braindumps. Good luck trying to apply that here on the floor...
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    I'm just hoping my request for ONT and ISCW training goes through. I figured I can probably self study BCMSN and BSCI on my own. That and I figured they'd push the training in next fiscal years budget so I'd be going to training sometime in March. Hope that works out. But I'm not holding my breath.
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