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I just got back from taking the Hardware part of the A+ exam. It had a few questions that caught me off guard. I was so scared to press the end exam button. I finally did and it went straight to the stupid survey thing. I had hurry up and finish that so that I could see my score. I made a 580.... not the best score in the world, but its a pass. I'm taking the rest of the week off and then i'm off to studying for the OS part. Thanks everybody for all of your help.

--Kerry :D


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    Congratulations on your pass.
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    Well done! :D
    How long before you will take your OS?

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    I'll probably try to take the OS part mid to end October.

    What about you Miniman?

    --Kerry :D
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    Kerry_20 wrote:
    I'll probably try to take the OS part mid to end October.

    --Kerry :D

    Hey nice job on the pass! Just barely got back from taking the Hardware test myself. Passed with a mere 602 but I'm just glad to pass it on the first try. I've heard of some poor buggers failing a couple times.
    I know what you mean with that survey at the end. That's way annoying when your trying to get to your score.
    Anyway congrats on the hardware and good luck on your OS study. I'm pretty much on the same schedule. I'll probably take it sometime in late October as well. Let me know how it goes.

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