Subnetting on 70-291 Exam

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I'm taking the 70-291 exam next month and im a little concerned about subnetting, its my BIGGEST weakness in IT. I can understand all other aspects of the exam i.e. DNS, DHCP and RRAS etc.

Does subnetting play a huge part in this exam?

I've been trying to learn subnetting for ages, i can do it, but not as fast as required in the exams before time runs out.


P.S Any tips on subnetting is much appreciated.


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    The subnetting questions are pretty basic. You should know the address ranges, how to get the network ID.
    Check out dynamik's posts on subnetting. it will clear it up for you..:)
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    I wouldn't worry too much about subnetting on this exam; they've really scaled it back.

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    Yeah, nothing bad at all. I'd say the few questions I did get on subnetting weren't any more difficult than what you'd see on the Network+ exam.
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    I also had some difficulties on subnetting, until I read an article on this particular topic at Understanding TCP/IP addressing and subnetting basics.
    Try this link and you then tell me!!!!
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