MCSE Design Question

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Hello everyone,

First off, I have been reading these boards for a while, but just have not posted (all the questions I have seem to already have been asked and answered). So thank you everyone for such a great community and information resource... Anyway, I finally came up with one questions and couldn't find the answer, that doesn't mean it has not already been answered, but I just couldn't seem to find the answer. I have taken 5 tests for my MCSE:Messaging (640, 290, 291, 284, and 285) and am just curious about something I saw on the MCP site.

I was working with the Certification planner and for my vanilla MCSE it states that the 70-285 counts toward my design requirement. All the planning and research I did outside of this "cert planner" did not have that listed as an option. Now I plan to take my 70-298 eventually to fulfill this requirement and allow for my MCSE:Messaging, but once I complete 70-293 and 70-294 will I have my MCSE (even though I didn't take 70-297 or 70-29icon_cool.gif?

The only reason I ask is because one of my career objectives (which will be reviewed in October) is to complete my MCSE and I want to be able to check it off as soon as possible.

Thank you...
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