Unitek Boot Camps for MCDST 70-271 & 70-272

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My company needs to get several of us certified in various MS certs. MCDST 70-271 & 70-272 were chosen for me.

I have been a sys admin for a few years now, but it is in a small organization, so some of what is covered in the MCDST book by Sybex, I have never done. While I don't agree with the boot camp way of getting a cert, the company is footing the bill and it may be quicker than me studying on my own.

Has anyone had any experince with Unitek boot camps? Are there any other boot camp companies out there that have a good rep? $2395 for these two tests seems like a lot of money, but time is short and they need us to get our certs in a hurry.

Thanks in advance.


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    For MCDST? hmm.. sounds like a waste.

    I think they would be better off just sitting you down with the book and a some test machines in an office alone for a week. Spend that money somewhere else.
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    Daniel333 wrote: »
    For MCDST? hmm.. sounds like a waste.
    They may need to spend the money for budgetary reasons. They could need the cert as a business, for points towards something.

    It does seem like overkill for a lower level cert...but in his position I'd be happy to get any training on the company dime.
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    What are they planning on doing becoming Microsoft Partner? There are other ways to do this without getting certs.
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