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I thought I'd ask these here, consolidated in one thread, to avoid clogging (spamming) the forum with threads of my own creation. 1) I'm proficient with the objectives surrounding the test but I am growing concerned with this book that CompTIA sent me. They have many examples of configuration of things in Server 2003, and I'm not even going to try to go deeper in debt to buy that. Is Server 2003 requisite material for this test? I can do many of the same things on Linux (I am proficient in basic administration of Linux systems), but if I cannot pass the test, or even if I am going to miss a bunch of questions by way of lacking Server 03, I might have to rearrange how I go about this test. Secondly, 2) I have scheduled a test for September 3rd, and I will be ready for the test on this date assuming that Server 2003 (above) is not required. If it is required (or helpful, even), I am wondering about how much it will set me back to reschedule the test for another month out. Finally, 3) it is about 2.5 weeks out from D-Day. What would be the most helpful for me to do for test preparation, in your own personal opinion. Would it be focusing on practice questions that come with software I have purchased? Or maybe re-reading everything again? Or both? These are just my disconnected questions. finding an answer for one would be a great help. I'm nervous already! Even though I am getting high marks on practice tests. -Matt


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    I don't think you need any intimate knowledge of Server 2003. The questions should be very straight-forward and practical. It doesn't cost you anything to reschedule the exam (assuming you do it more than 24-hours from your date/time).

    What software are you using? I'm a big fan of Transcender, but others are good as well.
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    I am using this thing called TestOut Navigator. I think that it's pretty good but the guy narrating it reminds me of myself, and thus I hate him. How much does Transcenter set you back?
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