A magical certfication WTF?

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Ok so my buddy is going to school for his AAS in IT same as I did asctually same school. So last night we were chatting and he was like "My instructor told me about this certfication you can get and you will get guaranteed six figure income"

I nearly choked on my soda laughing so hard. So here is what he claims. You goto Denver and you pay $1000. The first day your given office space and everything you need to setup a fully functioning network.

Computers, Servers, wiring, routers the works. Day 2 people come in and "break" the network and then day 3 you have to find and fix all the things that were "broken" the previous day.

If you pass you get some certification and a six figure income. So has anyone herad of this because I kept telling him nothing like that exists.

I said it sounds like you get some good hands on training but nothing more than that oh and your wallet is a lot lighter too.

I want to prove to him that his instructor is full of crap and honestly kind of pisses me off that a school I went too and received such a great education is telling students about these "magical" certfications that auto net you a six figure income.

If it was that easy IT wouldn't be such a ***** sometimes and a forum like this wouldn't exist.


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    Sounds like one of the higher level Cisco certifications to me. I remember my teachers telling me the same thing.
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    Sounds vaguely like the lab portion of CCIE R&S. It isn't easy to pass and it doesn't guarantee any salary obviously.
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    Must have been talking about the CCIE, just didn't know what it actually was.
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    The CCIE doesn't have that "you build it we break it" format any longer. Also, you're definitely not guaranteed any money. Most certainly the CCIE he's referring to though.
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    Probably the old format CCIE lab as others have mentioned. However, I'm willing to make promises* for $1000 each - have your friend PM me for my Paypal address.

    these are make-believe promises, trolley ride not included.
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    Those commercials are playing on all the radio stations in MN. I'd take them with a grain of salt ;)
  • UnixGuyUnixGuy Mod Posts: 4,509 Mod
    It is indeed a magical certifications...It doesn't exist...

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    dynamik wrote: »
    Those commercials are playing on all the radio stations in MN. I'd take them with a grain of salt ;)

    I hear those too...
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    I know those commercials... in just a few months you can be earning x thousand a year living the lifestyle you deserve! They usually are played right before the "restructure your debt for pennies on the dollars and get back to the stress free lifestyle you deserve!" commercials.
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    Its called certified sucker.
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    Man, there are so many people trying to prey on people's wants in this industry and others, its sick.

    Of course, this kind of happened to me. Went to a grad school where they waved 60k to 70k job in front of my face and I kept hitting my head against the glass...
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    What I love about this passed-along-story is that there is no mention of the hard work & preparation that would have to go into a cert at that level. Just like those computer training commercials that promise a $40-$60k+ income after 6 months of training for your "Microsoft certification."

    Nothing is guaranteed. You might be able to garner a certain income in certain areas with certain qualifications, but there's no certainty or magical formula to it. Just learn & grow & don't stagnate, and you can move up. Plain and simple - just good old fashioned hard work.
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    If it was just a case of turning up and paying $1000 to get your guaranteed 6 figure income, wouldn't you expect everybody to be doing this? :)
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    The problem just isn't in this case, what is happening is Americans in general are always looking for the easy way out....They want maximum reward for minimum effort and unfortunately in the IT field it doesn't work out that way. You could put minimal effort in, and hell you may get a decent job, but after screwing up, it won't be your job for long...

    These companies prey on this thinking by saying you will be making a ton if you get Cert A, well certs alone will not get you hired, certs along with real world experience and possibly a degree will get you hired....
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    The only place where a true magical certification exists is Hogwarts!

    * I'll get me coat
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    This reminds me of a story about a girl from New York who took a degree in IT management. . . icon_lol.gif

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  • XcluzivXcluziv Member Posts: 513
    Slowhand wrote: »
    This reminds me of a story about a girl from New York who took a degree in IT management. . . icon_lol.gif

    I remember that story that was posted on here a while ago. That story trhew me for a loop. Sounds pretty crazy to me, doesn't she know its a recession...smh

    @bertieb - I think in order to get the magical cert you have to use this spell.....



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