access list and inverse mask

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ok iam studying for my ccna and also taking ccna classes. We haven't got to the chapter on acl but i wanted to get a good jump on it. I read over the chapter and tech notes from this site, excuse my english but that confused the **** out of me. I wanted to know is there a easier way to understand acl? i pretty much know that is security purposes and you can block subnets, you can block different protocols used on those subnets. But when i started to read about the inverse mask i just went icon_cry.gif . Can anyone help me break it down or haha hell put it in lemans terms so i can grasp it better. thank you
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  • henrock2henrock2 Posts: 36Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Any know where i can find ipx shap shots. Like in the tcp/ip section for the net+ they have etc.. pictures. anyone know where i can find what the out put for these commands look like?

    debug ipx packet
    debug ipx routing
    debug ipx SAP

    if anyone could really help me find pictures of these in working it would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance
    I am going for broke, and i love every minute of it.
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