Answer file appears to be getting ignored

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Hi all,

I have created an image and this installs fine if I choose to manually enter all the requirements at install i.e. Name, Serial etc.

However, I create an answer file and associate it with the image but it never seems to work.

The answer file is stored on the same partition as the image on the Win2K3 server and I am sure that is fine.

The one slight confusion is that when i create the image using RIS it appears to also mention an unattended setup answer file is being created when it copies the WinXP image from the CD.

Could it be looking at this even though I have associated my answer file with the image.


am I going wrong when I create and store the answer file. Must it be in a specific place or called a specific thing?

Apologies for being vague but am hopeful this is a well come across issue and easily resolved.
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