Passed (barely) OS certified

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I passed the OS test this morning with a 556. That was one tough test. The Core test was very easy compared to this.
I used Mike Meyers AIO and some Cram Sessions notes but still saw things on the test that were not listed in either of my study materials.

Is the Net+ test as hard as the A+ OS, or harder. I haven't checked the Net+ forum yet.

This site has been a great help towards my success with A+ cert,

thank you


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    Congrats on becoming A+ certified!

    I remember feeling the same way when I took my A+ exams. The OS sort of shocked me!

    You should jump right into the Network+ if you are going to go for it. You will recognize several things from A+ studies. Also I would recommend that you continue with the Meyers AIO series for Net+ too. That's the only study guide I used along with several practice exams from different places.

    The Network+ has some difficulty to it, but not the same type as A+. A+ difficulty has to do with remembering so many different facts along with the troubleshooting scenario side of PC maintenance. Network+ is more geared to real-life troubleshooting scenario type of questions. The key to Net+ is reading the exam questions very carefully to make sure that you are using the correct info to answer the questions. The scenarios give you so much info that you have to pick out the necessary info.

    Good luck!
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    Congrats! I K-N-O-W your glad that's over.......
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    Congrats! I would also recco going right into Net+. I didn't think it was too difficult.
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    Congrats on the pass. I just passed my Network+ test and found it much easier then the A+ OS test. I don't have formal networking experience but worked pretty close, as a Tech Support Rep, with our IT department and caught on to some things.

    Go for the Network+ while your mind is still fresh from what you have learned through from A+ studies. :D
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    Someone asked me when will my studying be over......
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