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I passed the 70-270 at the end of June with 857, but I think I'm just about ready for the 290....so I'm booked in for the 27th Aug.

I can get 90% on all the test questions in the MS Training Kit book for the 70-270. I also managed 90% on the Sybex test this afternoon.... although I have done both a few times now so some are from memory I guess.

I have also just done the 70-290 test on this site for the first time, but only got 70%

So...should I cancel the test, or keep plugging away for another weeka dn hope for the best?

My worry is that I'm actually startting to forget things as well as learn new things.


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    Scoring not so hot on one exam shouldn't entirely derail you & your plans. You have up until 24 hours before the exam to reschedule, so I say just wait it out - you're doing well on the other practices, so review some more and then look at the exam objectives. If you're feeling confident in your knowledge, then keep your test scheduled...but if this one poor score has shot your confidence and you're not feeling like you have a good grasp of the materials, then reschedule.
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