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Hello. I'm new to this site and forum, having stumbled on it as I have been spending the last few days putting together the pieces for a CCNA lab. I've been in the IT biz for the past 15 years or so. I started out in the network side of things way back and worked with Cisco routers a number of years ago (2600's were kinda new back then) and I've spent the last 5 years in the middleware/security space. Recent job developments are forcing me to begin looking elsewhere so I decided it was time to get back to what I enjoy and to pursue my CCNA and beyond.

So I've spent the past few days scouring Ebay for all of the best deals I could find on hardware that Ive been reading up on that I would need for a solid lab. I didn't want to go overboard but I wanted something that would get me through CCNA and all still be good through CCNP. I looked at a number of the lab kits on Ebay and other sites and quickly found that I could get better gear by piecing it together myself. I think I have made out pretty well and have nearly all of what I need but if anyone looks this over and finds something missing that is an absolute must-have, that's the help I'm looking for. Here's what I have coming. Prices are with shipping (which makes everything so much more, sadly):

3 x 3640's 64D/16F 12.4(19) w/NM-1E2W (in each) - $165
2 x 2950C-24 - $107.90
1 x NM-4A/S - $35.70
1 x NM-4T - $37.75
1 x 1FE2W with a WIC-1T - $59.00
A few serial/console cables - $20.00

Total: $425.35

I went with the 4T first but then saw the 4A/S come up while I was looking for another WIC-1T so I grabbed that. I may still get another WIC-1T instead but I think what I have will work. The switches were the toughest things to come across with a low price. I decided on these 2950C's since they were buy-it-now for just over $50 each, they will have the Enhanced Image and I need to get things set up and running. I'm planning to add a 3550 to the mix sometime in the near future but that can wait. A 2509 or 2511 will be nice at some point but not right away. So is there anything that jumps out that I have totally missed or will this do nicely to get me up and running with all I need for CCNA?



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    billscott92787billscott92787 Member Posts: 933
    Sounds like a great lab set up. Eventually I would add maybe a 2520 or something for frame relay, so you don't use up your one 3640 as a Frame relay switch, and only have 2 other routers to use. But, other than that, It is a great choice :)
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    kryollakryolla Member Posts: 785
    you can use the 3640 as a FR Switch and a router. I have a 2600 that is my FR switch and a backbone router FYI :).
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    EvilTwinEvilTwin Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    kryolla wrote: »
    you can use the 3640 as a FR Switch and a router. I have a 2600 that is my FR switch and a backbone router FYI :).
    That was my intention, at least for now. I got (what I thought was) a great deal on the three 3640's so adding a serial card to one for a FR switch seemed a no-brainer. If/when I get to the point that I need to use that 3640 for something else in my lab I can look for something else for FR.
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