Norton Ghost

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Does anyone use this?

I'm currently using the floppies to boot.

I link all the files to an individual txt file that finds the image that stored on my server.

Does anyone know of where i can get a bootable cd or usb?
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    when you buy Ghost, the box comes with a manual and the CD. the CD itself is bootable.
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    Are you refering to creating a usb or bootable disc that has the ghost partition so you can image a p.c? I use ghost 11.0 at work and I create a bootable usb that loads a ghost partition on the harddisk with the p.c's network driver. Once the partition has been created the p.c will boot and poll to the server once connected the pc starts imaging. If you need help with this let me know and I can send you some instructions.
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    Good for home PC, but not for business.... I'm tired of using GHOST..
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