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Hello all! Wondering about setting up telnet to a switch/router.
I know that if there is no password set on the vty lines, then the device will not allow a telnet session. Also if there is no enable secret password set, then the device wont let you access privilege mode (when you access via telnet). But I am wondering... what if I go under the vty lines and set "password ccna" but i do not set the "login" command... will the device allow a telnet session? Is using "login" neccessary on the vty lines for access or is it on by default? Sorry no equipment to try this on...

Does setting "password ccna" automatically imply "login"

I know if you set "login" first, you get some messages saying that you need to set a password...


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    There is 3 ways of setting a password for vty lines 1 is line password, 2 is local database with user/password and 3rd is AAA. By default there is a login command so if you dont want to login then just type no login but you still need an enable password
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