How much do you study per night/week



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    Back in the day :D... I used to study a few hours a night (2-3hrs) that meant either just reading or doing some lab work or watching some CBT vids.

    I tried to knock out as many exams as I could before my daughter was born, after that time I hardly had anytime to study. New baby, New Job. There weren’t enough hours in the day. .

    Since the start of this year I have slowly gotten back into it, now I'm back in the full swing of things. I still find I don’t have the time to isolate myself when I get home to study (unless I get the rare few hrs on the weekend) So I do all my studying at work :P and I do my labs when I get home that night (least I try to) This has so far been working out quite well. I get more study time in this way.
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    Well i normally study during work coz in the place i work ( as a DT Support ) i get loads of time normally about 3-4 Hrs a day ..

    In the weekend it is normally offmode...

    Prior to exams i spend as much time as i could

    the downpoint is i dont use CBT's or Audio's which is why i read a lot and sometimes struggle to understand till i read twice or thrice..
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    Last year I took it easy and just refreshed stuff and did some studying on small projects. Before I leave the military this year I have been hitting them hard with about 3-4 hours average per day and for the most part 7 days a week. When I hit a wall or get wore out with them here and there so I take a bit of time off from the cert I am currently working on. Next year I think I may take it a bit easier while I work on my CCNP, and study some of the two dozen Cisco books I have ordered this year waiting for me back in the states.
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