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Finally pass my ICND with an 870!!!! Its not the best score but then again i took this test a week ago and got 837!!!! =(
I guess that serves me right though because i got an exact score of 825 and passed my INTRO.

Its kind of frustrating...because the material content that I was studying for that was in the test was mostly found in the Sybex book and not the Cisco Press. When you read both books though, it does help fill in the blanks.

The material that i studied to pass the test is the following:

Sybex CCNA 640-801 Todd Lammle
Todd Lammle Audio Tapes (4hours Lecture 1 hour questions.. )
Sybex Platinum Router Sim

Cisco Press CCNA self study library (INTRO & ICND)

Self Test Software ( Simulator is dead on with Cisco's)

Good luck to everyone else...on to my MCSE now!!!!!


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    Congrats! Can't wait for the day when I can post an "I passed!" posting. Soon...soon....
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    grats , same here
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    i'hope that i'll pass my ccna exams in the beginning of october; so if you can give us some advices and a generale idea for the qust that you had in the exams it will be very helpefull;(how many simulation qst;how many subnetting qst....ect)

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    Congrats dude !!
    :: PEACE ::
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