Ms Press 70-293 subnetting question

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Im working my way through the MS book and have just reached the subnetting section...
And Ive noticed something I dont quite follow when it comes to subnetting..

In one example (Chapter 2 - Page 32), it mentions the network /24 and would happen if you changed the mask to a /27 (

So far so good, I know from studying for 70-291 that a 27 mask will give you 8 subnets with 30 hosts each.

But, MS claim that the first subnet would be, when I worked it out, I thought that the first subnet would be
Subnet ID First Host Last Host Broadcast

I figured that would be the second subnet. They seem to have done that in the examples too. Have I missed something fundamental with subnetting or is this an MS error?


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    Which edition of the book are you using? Have you checked the errata?
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    Hmmm I'll have a check when I get in but Im going to presume its an early edition as I have spotted quite a few spelling errors and stuff so far. To be honest I think Im going to get rid anway. The book seems to pretty much skim through topics and is nowhere near as in depth as the ms press 70-291 book. Ive just got a copy of the syngress book so gonna use that from now on
  • dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
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