Configuring reverse lookup in the DNS console

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Using TestOut in preparation for exam. On one of the practice test questions in regards to configuring reverse lookups I was to select three of the following options.

- Enable Advanced view in the DNS console
- Disable Advanced view in the DNS console
- Manually create PTR records named V,W,X,Y,Z
- When Creating A records in, mark the option to auto create associated PTR record
- Create DNS zones named W,X,Y,Z. Ensure zones delegate from parent.
- Create a DNS zone named A

I remember from the Microsoft Press training book that the Advanced view merely allows you to see Cached Lookups in the DNS console so I eliminated the first two options. Unfortunately, the last four didn't help in weeding down my answer to three.

The first line in TestOuts Explanations states:
"To configure reverse lookup for a subnetted IP network, you need to enable the Advanced view in the DNS console"

I tested this on my practice network as well as my production environment. No where can I find the need to be in Advanced view to configure reverse lookup. What am I missing?

It is questions like these that bring my studying to a screeching halt. But once I get a straight answer I'll never forget it. Any help with TestOuts answer?


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    Does TestOut have errata listed anywhere? I've never had to change the views to work with reverse lookup records...

    Welcome to the forums, btw :D
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    I've run all the updates on the TestOut software that are available. Searching the web revealed no hits for issues with this modules questions. It's such an odd discrepancy though. How would they even confuse they need for a view change in their explanation if it wasn't true? All I can think of was that at one point Advanced view was necessary and no longer is...

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Long time lurker.... too long. I've been working on my MCSA for 2 years. 291 will be it for me though.
  • Hyper-MeHyper-Me Banned Posts: 2,059
    I dont work with 2003 dns servers everyday but i know in 2008 you do NOT have to switch views.

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    I have never had to change views to create a reverse lookup record.
    Welcome to the forum and good luck on the 291.
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