Study Guide: 2009 Linux+ Objectives

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1.0 Installation and Configuration

1.4 Conducting routine mount and unmount of file system
mount - Linux Command Directory: mount - O'Reilly Media
umount - Linux Command Directory: umount - O'Reilly Media
Understanding Linux /etc/fstab

1.5 Explain the advantages of having separate partitions or volumes for any of the following directories
Partitions: Planning Your Linux Installation

1.6 Explain the purpose of the following directories

Understanding the Linux Directory Layout

1.7 Configure the boot process including the following

Grub From the Ground Up
GRUB bootloader - Full tutorial

1.8 Perform the following package management functions

* Install, remove and update programs
LinuxPlanet - Tutorials - Linux Package Manager ********** - Keeping Your Linux PC In Fine Tune
rpm - RPM Tutorial
deb - apt vs aptitude little tutorial - The UNIX and Linux Forums
dpkg command - Linux How to
dpkg **** sheet

Compiling and installing software from source in Linux
GNU tar - Tutorial Introduction to tar
Linux bzip2 Command- unix Zip, Compress File Tutorial, cmd Example
Gzip - Linux Commands

* Resolve dependencies
* Add and remove repositories
How to Add Repositories in Linux (with pictures) - wikiHow

1.9 Configure profile and environment variables system-wide and at the user level

Environment Variables - Linux Commands
Adding a Directory to the Path

2.0 System Maintenance and Operations

2.1 Given a scenario, use the following fundamental Linux tools, techniques and resources.

* Directory navigation.
ls Linux Command Directory: ls - O'Reilly Media
pushd Using pushd and popd in Linux Synapse ?
popd Using pushd and popd in Linux Synapse ?

* File commands
file Linux Command Directory: file - O'Reilly Media
test Linux Command Directory: test - O'Reilly Media
find Linux Command Directory: find - O'Reilly Media
locate Linux Command Directory: locate - O'Reilly Media
slocate Linux Command Directory: slocate - O'Reilly Media
which Linux Command Directory: which - O'Reilly Media
whereis Linux Command Directory: whereis - O'Reilly Media
ln Linux Command Directory: ln - O'Reilly Media
ls -F Linux Command Directory: ls - O'Reilly Media
mknod Linux Command Directory: mknod - O'Reilly Media
touch Linux Command Directory: touch - O'Reilly Media
mkdir Linux Command Directory: mkdir - O'Reilly Media
mv Linux Command Directory: mv - O'Reilly Media
cp Linux Command Directory: cp - O'Reilly Media
rm Linux Command Directory: file - O'Reilly Media

* File types
General overview of the Linux file system
Q & A: The difference between hard and soft links LG #105
Introduction to Named Pipes

* File Editing with VI
Mastering the VI editor
Vim Commands **** Sheet

* Process Management
ps Linux Command Directory: ps - O'Reilly Media
kill Linux Command Directory: fill - O'Reilly Media
top Linux Command Directory: top - O'Reilly Media
iostat iostat(1) - Linux man page
pstree pstree(1): tree of processes - Linux man page
nice Linux Command Directory: nice - O'Reilly Media
renice Linux Command Directory: renice - O'Reilly Media
signals signal - Linux Command - Unix Command
PID pid - Linux Command - Unix Command

3.3 Implement, configure and maintain Web and FTP services
* Apache
Apache Tutorials
Apache Web Server Tutorial for Linux
* FTP services

3.10 Set up, install, configure and maintain a BIND DNS server and related services
Configuring BIND on RedHat (DNS under Linux) - Part 1 - Installing BIND on RedHat
Configuring BIND on RedHat (DNS under Linux) - Part 2 - Primary Name Server for a Zone
Configuring BIND on RedHat (DNS under Linux) - Part 3 - Secondary Name Server for a Zone
Traditional DNS Howto | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

Just added what I feel are some important updates.


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