Need Advice on when to take CCNA exam

WilliamK99WilliamK99 Member Posts: 278
I am currently in Georgia attending a military course, which includes an abbreviated (30 days) Cisco Academy as well as some Security +, MCSE, and Exchange classes. Because I go to school during the week and the testing center here is only open M-F I was originally scheduled to take my CCNA on Columbus Day weekend, but due to Delta deciding to attempt to fleece me, my scheduled 4 day vacation has been postponed, so I am available to take my exam on Labor Day weekend, since the center will be open on Friday.

Before coming here, I was studying extensively for my CISSP, but that took a back seat once we started Cisco, so for the past 3 weeks, I have been working 8 hours a day with Routers/switches, as well as studying 2 or so hours per night. I am not new to the World of Cisco, but I have never used any protocol besides EIGRP and have never used WAN protocols.

Would you think it's a good idea to push my test up around 35 days in order to allow myself a chance to work on other certifications or should I stick with my original plan? I have only taken Comptia exams up to this point, and have decided to stick to the 1 test format as it is cheaper....

I am open to suggestions and/or critisims as I attempt to figure out how to proceed due to this unfortunate change in plans...


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    You need to extensively cover all off the material under CCNA, so RipV1,RipV2,OSPF,PPP, basically all the topics! Anything is possible in any given time limit if you prepare properly:)
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