passed 70 284!...with 765.... and thank you

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i would like to thank the forum and the whole community for all the support, content and advice that i have benefited from which has helped me to pass all my exams. Finally got the MCSA:M certification.

i dont really post much in the forum as all the information that i need i always manage to find it in old posts. i search more than i post.

any way about the exam…..they try to give as little information as possible in the scenario to make it difficult. Looking at older posts this exam was much easier about a year or two ago. I did notice that Microsoft now ask you your level of competence with 8 questions with a 15 min time limit before the exam. I bet reason for this is that they have been finding that novice users were passing the exam too easily with high marks. I also bet if everyone said they are an expert in all 8 questions and started getting low passes or even fail Microsoft would make the exam easier in the future XD.

I used test out first, started off by watching the videos and taking as much notes as I could and then doing the corresponding practice test for that section.

Then watched all the exchange CBT nugget videos and went back to test out and did all the questions all over again back to back over a few days. After that booked the exam with 2 days to spare so I could finish all the trancender questions. This way everything is still fresh in my mind.

Make sure before you take the actual exam you go through as much practice questions as you can and learn why the correct answer is correct and why all the wrong answers are wrong by reading the explanation to each question.

This way I don’t need to bother with setting up labs, even tho I should. It wud make the exam easier as well as give me a better practical experience but I’m just too lazy.

Thank you to the forum once again!


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