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I have recently applied for an internal position where I work. It is for a Telecom position. I have a friend currently in this department that can try to get me in. From what he has told me the job seems pretty easy and I know I can do it. The only thing I'm not to familiar with is call vectoring. I have a basic understanding of it but I don't know too much. Does anyone have any good sites that explains call vectoring or can anyone give me a breakdown of it?


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    anyone out there in IT Telecom?
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    A quick search and found just a basic definition:

    call vectoring definition - telecom
    Also known as custom control routing.The process of customer-programmable call handling and routing through an automatic call distributor (ACD) in a call center environment. Once a call successfully completes to a call center, the caller's identity can be established through several means, including Calling Line Identification (CLID), Automatic Number Identification (ANI), or an account number or some other Personal Identification Number (PIN).The system can then search a computer database in order to establish the caller's profile, analyze the profiles of the available agents to identify those most capable and available to handle the call, select an agent, and present the caller's profile to the agent in advance of the connection of the call through a screen pop. Thereby, the most available and capable agent has access to full account information and theoretically can provide the highest possible level of service. Skills-based routing also considers special agent skills, such as language skills. See also ACD, ANI, call center, CLID, PIN, and screen pop.

    I never really got into the telecom portion of IT, never interested me all that much. Good luck if you go for the position.
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    Thanks Sharptech. I actually did some googling and found some good stuff.
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    I used to work for Integra Telecom. They had us set up with the ACD. I mostly built phone and DSL lines and troubleshot phone issues. I ended up using that job as a stepping stone to my current position at another company.
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    Do you know what platform you will be working on? Avaya?...
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    Yes Avaya is what we have.
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